Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#SITD Day 3 AM -- Meet Colorado!

Amy & Tonya @SITD Dallas
It was good to see Tonya Whaley again this week. I first met her at the Central Baptist Theological Seminary's (Kansas) week long course on disability last year in 2013.  She has spent the past year serving as a chaplain with the UCEDD at UC Denver, helping develop an integrative model of teamcare that de-emphasizes the medical model while working with patients with disabilities.

She brought her fellow Illiff School of Theology classmate, Amy Petre Hill, Esq,  Amy, a trained attorney, began her career as a public defender in Northern California.  Her experience of defending clients with disabilities, combined with the impact of PTSD in her own life, led her to disability advocacy.  In the past several years, she has been called to the ministry. Having been both a consumer and provider of services, she is looking forward to uniting spirituality with her vocation.  She told me that church is a space where we can move forward to help heal broken legal and healthcare systems. Her goal is to continue to advocate and work with vets experiencing PTSD.

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