Friday, June 20, 2014

Missions and disAbility -- Meet Pastor Heather

Heather @ SITD 2014 Dallas
Confession time:  I've never been out of the country -- well not really.  Went to TJ during my college years in Southern California -- and spent a few days in Montreal in 2006 at an AAIDD conference.  But I've never been somewhere outside my comfort zone in a foreign land in mission service.

Heather has.

Not just short trips, but a for a couple months at time, she helps out with the Joni and Friends ProVision Aisa in India program.  When she's not doing that, she's speaking, writing, and moving.  A Baylor Bear and then later M.Div grad, she's an ordained minister ready to speak her voice and write her story.

She's already published several books, including My Friends & I - An inclusive children's book (available on kindle and paperback).  More books are in the pipeline.

If you haven't met her you can -- at Heart of Heather.  It was great to meet a new friend!