Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet Rev Dr. Theresa & Ken Taylor #SITD

When I scanned the list and saw that Theresa and Ken were coming, I was looking forward to seeing them again after 8 years.  Our story goes back to a week long Minnesota Special Touch Summer Getaway in 2006, where I was serving as a personal care attendant for my friend Richard.  In our small Bible study sessions, our group of a dozen people got to know each other well.  If you want to hear a good story involving a speed boat, water, faith, and fear -- just ask Ken!

Due to unexpected illness, our reunion was delayed by two days.  But we spent 3 hours at dinner Wednesday catching up on life's journey -- kids, education, setbacks, goals, a book contract, and new vision (a funny word to use to describe ministers with visual impairment!) Their excitement for what God is doing in their ministry can hardly be contained.  Finally, congrats to Dr. Theresa on her D.Min from Bethel Seminary! Can't wait to hear what God is going to do next!

#SITD #TheologyDisability