Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meeet Greg Little & The Friendship House at Duke #SITD

Greg Little, Director
Friendship House - Duke
Way back in 2008, Nella Uitvlught compelled me to join the board of directors of Friendship Ministries.  My introductory board meeting was hosted by Western Theological Seminary (Holland, MI) and scheduled conjointly with the NCC's Disability policy committee.  (Click here for my post 6 years ago)

As part of that conference, we were able to tour the newly built Friendship House and interact with seminarians and persons with disability who lived together in a new model environment on the campus of Western / Hope College. (While both Friendship House and Friendship Ministries have common origins, similar ethos, and even some shared board members, we are distinct organizations).

I love that this model has been replicated elsewhere.  Greg Little, a recent M.Div graduate from Duke, is the director of Duke's Friendship House.  In my opinion, more seminaries need to develop these innovative housing programs in order to teach future pastors through mutual friendship and relationships much needed lessons about the human condition.  Thanks Greg!

#SITD #TheologyDisability