Friday, June 20, 2014

Human Life, Liberal Societies, and David Watson #SITD

David @ SITD 2014 Dallas
One of my conference mates this week is Dr. David Watson.  A NT professor, he currently serves as the Dean of United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ontario.  As both of us are parents of young children with Down Syndrome, we have some immediate bonds.  I've enjoyed some of his blog posts reflecting on the proceedings this week at #SITD.

Here's a short sample of his writing on Stanley Hauerwas, John Swinton, and Hans Reinders from the sessions yesterday:

 If our society places a high premium on autonomy, individuality, and agency, then people who are impaired with regard to their decision-making capacity occupy a very strange space, They are ostensibly people, though without full command of the capacities that define personhood and serve as ports of entry into the social world. They are outliers, and that is a dangerous way to live!

To enjoy the rest of his article, click here!