Sunday, April 06, 2014

Take the Survey - AGK Clergy Edition

Dear fellow AGK leaders:
As a pastor, you have probably encountered persons with disabilities and their families in your congregation.  Those that ever walk in the door are just a fraction of the largest unchurched people group within the United States.
As our Kansas ministry network meets this week, I would like to invite all leaders to participate in a short online survey of what is happening in your congregation. I want to celebrate the wins with you as well as come along side to strategically support you. This survey will help Christian disability ministries develop resources and partnerships to allow you to do the work of the gospel more effectively in our local communities in Kansas.
Every credentialed minister will receive a link to the AGK Edition.  A different ACMR Supplemental survey is being sent to our churches.  If you receive both, please complete both.
TECHNICAL NOTE – If you have not received the survey, please check your spam folder.
For more information about the survey, or to request a paper copy – feel free to contact me at or stop by the Special Touch Disability Ministries Booth.  Thanks again to Pastor Terry Yancey for allowing me to serve the AGK network this way.

Pastor Marvin J Miller
Dear AGK Leaders,
Our son and his wife have three wonderful boys. The middle boy is severely autistic. Our grandson is almost 11 years old, basically non-verbal, lives with no grasp of social appropriateness, and no comprehension of the difference in a safe or dangerous environment.
I told you about him today in hopes it would make this request feel more personal, closer to home.
Our fellow AGK minister, Marvin Miller, is currently completing his Doctor of Ministry project. His work focuses on how the church interfaces with individuals with special needs and with the families that deal with family members with special needs.
Part of the task entails soliciting information through a survey. I’ve worked through his Beta test surveys and know from experience that it won’t take but a few minutes to complete each survey. So, I’m asking (as a personal favor AND with hopes for an eventual enhancement to our effectiveness as a Network) that you please take a few minutes and help Marvin complete a project that holds real potential to bless multiple families and individuals. His research will help discover and create tools to better reach all local people and families with all of the Gospel.

Many thanks!
Pastor Terry Yancey
AGK Superintendent

“To strengthen and establish effective Pentecostal leaders and churches”